Tuesday, June 30, 2015


    Get the look :

    27" Ranunculus Spray x3 Violet
    25" French Ranunculus Spray Two Tone Lilac

    19.5" Sweet Pea Spray
    30" Sweetpea Spray Eggplant
    3.5"H-4"H Wood Container (2 ea./set) White Washed

    Be inspiration !!

    Monday, June 29, 2015

    A luxury holiday home

                         This beautifully restored 18th century farmhouse is actually a luxury holiday home …




    Get the look :
    12.5" Lily of The Valley in Glass Vase Cream
     7.5" Ranunculus x2 in Glass Vase
    12.5" Dahlia in Glass Vase
    12" Daffodil in Glass Vase White Yellow 
     20" Forsythia Standing Twig w/Burlap Yellow 
    54" Hanging Asparagus Fern w/Wood Green 

     10" Tea Leaf Ball in Terra Cotta Pot Green 
     9" Herb Garden in Cement Pot in Re-Shippable Box Green
                                                         32" Fiddle Plant in Clay Pot Green

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    Friday, June 26, 2015

    Enchanted Purple Elegance

    Enchanted - Elegance

    Get the essentials :

    72" Bougainvillea Garland Violet
    23" Orchid Necklace Purple White
    6' Clematis Vine Violet
    44"Hx29"Wx29"L Allium/Lilac/ Lily/Oncidium Orchid in Urn Purple Green
    17"Hx14"Wx14"L Ranunculus/Fern in Ceramic Vase Lavender Purple
    18"Hx7"Wx14"L Vanda Orchid/ Twig/Moss Ball in Glass Vase Purple
    7"Hx8"Wx10"L Ranunculus/Fern in Ceramic Bowl Lavender Purple
    16"Hx18"Wx18"L Statice/Anemone/ Allium in Plate Purple Lavender
    18"Hx19"Wx31"L Hydrangea/ Cymbidium Orchid/Dahlia in Ceramic Vase Eggplant Green

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    Thursday, June 25, 2015

    An unbridled creative

    Look at  an ocean of white flowers !
    They are dangling in the church from floor to ceiling.
    It is utterly mesmerizing!

    The stunning flower encrusted church entrance.
    So lovely.

    ( Vogue )

    Get the look :
    25.5" Astilbe Hanging Bush Cream
    63" Cherry Blossom Hanging Spray White
    31" Wisteria Bush x25 Cream White
    6' open rose garland.
    66" Sage Ivy Garalnd x6 GREEN
    28" Velvet Rose Spray 

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    Monday, June 22, 2015

    Gorgeous Chuppah

                                                         A lucky Bride, surrounded by pure Beauty! 
                                                                     What a gorgeous Chuppah 

    Get the essentials :
    11" Rose/Hydrangea Bouquet Fuchsia Pink
    11.5" Rose Bouquet Cream Green
    31" Hydrangea Spray Pearl

    26" Single Sophia Rose Spray  

    22" Lace Dahlia Spray

      19" Hydrangea Bush x5
    22" Hydrangea Bush x7  

    15" Rose Spray
    22.5" Rose Spray Lavender

    Be inspiration !!