Monday, August 31, 2015

Pink love

                                                                         Gorgeous pink
                                                                        Charming looking

Get the essentials:
8"Hx9"Wx9"L Hydrangea/Rose in Glass Vase Fuchsia Pink

9"Hx8"Wx8"L Cabbage Rose in Ceramic Pot Two Tone Pink
12"Hx11"Wx14"L Peony in Glass Vase Pink Cream

14"Hx15"Wx12"L Rose/Peony/ Calla Lily/Alstromeria in Ceramic Pot Rose Yellow
35"Hx16"Wx30"L Cymbidium in Ceramic Pot Rubrum Burgundy
 35"Hx30"Wx30"L Cherry Blossom in Glass Vase Pink Green

Be inspiration!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Gorgeous composition

How inviting is this setting !!





Get the essenthials :

22" Rose Bud Spray
20" Scabiosa Bush x5 w/Grass Green

19" Spider Gerbera Daisy Bush x7

23" California Poppy Bush x7  

24" Hydrangea Bush x7 

 JYA290 27" Large Anthurium Spray
48" Pea Pod Leaf Spray Green
40" Lantern Vine Green
31" Fittonia Hanging Bush x6 Variegated Green

Be inspiration!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pretty aisle runners

Add some aisle style to ceremony with some beautifully placed pew ends or aisle runners.
Using shades that tie in with wedding colour scheme will bring everything together and set the scene as new couple walk down the aisle.

Get the look :

11.5" Rose/Hydrangea Bouquet

Be inspiration !!  

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Apple flower garden

London is experiencing a floral bloom as the iconic windows of Selfridges is home to a garden full of beautiful hand sculpted flowers all featuring a unique configuration of the Apple Watch.
 The Apple flowers garden put up in the windows include 24 large, 50 medium and 5,525 small flowers along with 240 slightly larger ‘small-plus’ flowers. While some were crafted from cast resin and other smaller components are 3D printed, each bloom was exclusively created via different methods.~~ from Pursuitist




Be thrilled that the flowers of the Apple Watch face have inspired such a beautiful design and to see it come to life in this amazing installation.

26" Poppy Spray w/Bud Yellow Gold

28" Poppy Spray

Do you love the floral inspiration!?
I do!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Railing chic

It's so unique and personal!
Using floral d├ęcor around ceremony and reception can really add a more personal touch to venue.
Weaving floral garlands through railings and banisters  with different heights .

Get the look:
6' One-Piece Construction Ivy Garland w/98 Leaves Variegated
66" Medium Sage Ivy Garland Green
6' Lily of The Valley Garland White
10" Velvet Rose w/Clip 

29" Garden Rose Spray
22" Mini Rosehips Vine Red

Be inspiration!