Saturday, August 31, 2013

Draping by Concepts !!

                                                                    Happy Saturday !!

Wedding screens by Enticing Tables set with sandblasted twig garland , strands of crystals, handing votives and tangerine & raspberry roses ............

 Draping by Concepts!!
Get the look :

75" Pine Cone/Twig Garland 
11" Rose Bouquet

23" Split Philodendron Leaf Spray
7" Crystal Drop w/Jewel Ornament

6' Crystal Garland
Wishing you have great Holiday !!


Friday, August 30, 2013

A stunning stationery

Today we are sharing a stunning stationery inspired by romantic adventure films like Out of Africa and Indiana Jones!

The shoot was photographed by Beth & Ty in Love.


                                                                 ( WedLuxe Magazine )

                                             Styled to perfection and captured so beautifully!

                                                                         Get the look :

10" Sedum Hanging Pick Light

28" Cactus Hanging Spray
14" Dusty Miller Bush x5 w/31 Lvs.

23" Needle Protea Spray

 24" Safari Protea Spray

32" Giant King Protea Spray

 11" Rose/Snowberry/Skimmia Bouquet
Wishing you have great day !! Enjoy and creare with smile.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cake ~~ Rose & Magnolia

                                           Happy Thursday!
Here’re images of pretty floral incorporated with cake ~~"Rose & Magnolis" to get your hearts beating.

( WedLuxe )
Exotic but elegant cake design !
Get the look :

 19" Magnolia Spray

29" Ecuador Rose Spray x2
Wishing you all an amazing day ! Enjoy and create with smile.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Language of flowers ~~ Tulip

Tulips herald springtime and symbolize love. However, the flower’s color dictates what type of love: red and violet stand for the undying kind, white is one-sided, and yellow represents hopeless love.


16" Tulip Bush x7

36" Large Pussy Willow Stem x32

18" Tulip Spray

16" Mini Daisy/Astilbe/Fern Spray
Wish you an amazing Wednesday !!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Autumn Harvest

Fall is upon us.
Here we like to show off "Autumn Harvest "  with the new pumpkin colorway of Juliska‘s popular Country Estate and the clever Antique Lace Napkin, with the Leather Tassel Napkin Ring.

Get the look :

31" Foxtail Spray
24" Lace Bud Spray

33" Capsicum Spray

 6.5"Wx7.5"L Assorted Pumpkin/ Gourd/Pine Cone in Bag
26" Gold Edged Sheer Peony Spray

42" Maple Spray
Wishing you all an amazing day!!
Enjoy and create with smile.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Flowery adventure !!

Monday morning inspiration : 

Happy to all-starting off this Monday morning with a gorgeous floral  image with Beautiful colours and design floral gown!

It's flowery advanture !!
Get the look :
Sweetheart Rose,

12" Sweetheart Rose Bush x14

32" Phalaenopsis Orchid Spray

32" Hydrangea Spray
19" Hydrangea Bush x5 
22" Hydrangea Berry Spray
19" Waxflower Bush x12

We hope you're all having an excellent Monday!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Great Gatsby Tablescape

                                                                Happy Sunday !!

We in love with this Great Gatsby themed tablescape. Set up at The Mansion by Todd Events and featured in Dallas Brides!~~ by Thisbe Grace

 Get the look :

18.5" Rose Bush x7

Hydrangea bush x 6
23.5" Candleholder

  13.5" Rose/Hydrangea Bouquet

 9.5" Rose Bouquet

 15.75" Candleholder

18.5" Victorian Hydrangea Spray
27" Berry Spray
Wishing you have great Sunday !!