Friday, January 31, 2014

Easy elegance

I'm just loving the easy elegance of this feature.....


It's so captivating...

Get the look :

11.5" Rose/Hydrangea Bouquet Pink/Cream
                                                           14" Rose/Hydrangea Pick Light Pink

9' Bangle/Bead Garland Silver

 27" Wood Branch Natural

                                2.75"Hx4"Wx11"L Paper Mache Rectangular Planter Dark Gray


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Comfort & Elegance

                                        This residence is a gallery as much as it is a house !!


                                               32"Hx32"Wx32"L Apple Blossom in Ceramic Vase

9"Hx7"Wx8"L Rose in Vase Cream White

                                                          12" Pompon Bundle x6 Green

 5.5"Dx20"H Glass Cylinder Vase Clear

Be cozy !!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year's red

On Friday January 31st the Chinese New Year and the ‘Year of the Horse’ begins.
For those born in the year of the horse, their characteristics include bundles of energy, extremely independent, confident and proud, yet at the same time sweet-natured, tolerant and humble.

Our special "Happy Chinese New Year's red"selection is a fabulous clash of bright red colour including beautiful Quince Blossom Spray,Bromeliad/Sedum/Hen And Chicks in Ceramic Bowl,Hydrangea/Daisy/Berry in Ceramic Vase,Tulip/Rose/Peony in Tall Resin Urn .

45" Quince Blossom Spray

21"Hx27"Wx27"L Bromeliad/Sedum/Hen And Chicks in Ceramic Bowl

32"Hx26"Wx33"L Hydrangea/Daisy/Berry in Ceramic Vase

40"Hx24"Wx24"L Tulip/Rose/Peony in Tall Resin Urn

Be happy !!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Resting on our laurels

I recently learned that decorating with wreaths goes back to the Greeks and the Romans, and wreaths are symbols of harvest and festivity.  I see why I love wreaths.  You can find a wreath for every season of the year and every occasion.  It doesn't have to be Christmas.  See the following beautiful wreaths for inspiration for festive occasions you may be celebrating in the coming year.

1)  To me, this is a spring wreath.  Birds are nesting again and everything is so lush and green.  It's subtle and has a delicate look to it.
2)  This forsythia wreath screams spring.  For those who live in the north, can you picture a blanket of snow finally receding and the temperature begins to climb above freezing?  The flowers are beginning to pop.  First is the crocuses, then all of the sudden, the forsythia bushes are covered in bright yellow blossoms!
3)  Moving on to summer. Nothing says summer to me like warm air and lavender field.  This lavender wreath definitely celebrates summer.
4)  Although succulents are warm climate plants, I see them as all season due to their popularity as indoor plants.  This succulent wreath is just classy and goes with any home.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Dream of spring !!

                                        Doesn't this arrangement make you dream of spring !!

We hope your day is full of fresh air, sunshine and plenty of  inspiration.....
Get the look :

 26.5" Tulip Spray Lilac
10.5"Wx12"L Glittered Butterfly Ornament Black White
 27" Wood Branch Natural
4"Hx4.5"Wx7"L Tin Lavender Decoupage Pot Cream Blue 
Be cozy !!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

A glamorous collaboration

A chandelier-lit sky winkles atop a heavenly scape of soft hues and sumptuous floral below...   by HMR Designs

Absolutely Gorgeous !!!
Get the look :

87" long bead chandelier

 52" long bead chandelier

36" long bead chandelier

 25.5" Open Cottage Rose Spray

                                                                       27" Heather Spray x3

22" Hydrangea Bush x7

 15.75" Candleholder
Be inspired  !!!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Sophistication Palace Hotel

Milan is a city of fashion, fabulous people and events and needs places that speak about this to many different kinds of people, from groups and couples to families and the ones traveling on their own. The Uptown Palace hotel in Milan is part of the MGallery Collection of four hotels in Italy’s financial capital and awaits its guests with 158 sound-proofed rooms. Stylish details compose a collection of rooms suited for sophisticated travelers who appreciate modesty.

we hope each one of you found some fab inspiration on The Silk Flower Depot’s collection………..


24" Protea Spray

10"Dx25"H Large Moroccan Glass Vase

28" Iris Spray

 32" Glass Vase

 24" Beaded Calla Lily Spray

5.5"Dx14"H Glass Cylinder Vase

28" Iris Spray

 Footed Swirl Glass Mini Vase 2. 75"

2.5"Hx4"Wx4"L Assorted Mini Apple in Acetate Box

9.5" Large Glass Vase

13" Anthurium Spray 

                                                                        12"H Glass Vase

                                            Glam-gorgeous Saturday to you!
                                              Wishing a wonderful weekend!