Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A place card table Inspired by wedding rings...

A place card table Inspired by wedding rings...

Get the look :
 33" Pastoral Symphony Orchid Spray w/7 Flw.

30" Pastoral Symphony Hydrangea Spray

26" Single Sophia Rose Spray
Be inspired !!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Classic white wedding

Classic white weddings are always beautiful.. How do you guys feel about white and green for Spring!?

Just amazing !!
Get the look :

11" Rose Bouquet Cream
11" Rose/Hydrangea Bouquet 

11.5" Peony Bouquet Pink

                                                       20.5" Open Rose Spray w/Bud 

29" Garden Rose Spray

                                                      25.5" Rose/Hydrangea Spray x3 

25.5" Rose Spray
Be inspired !!!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Outdoor event fun

Outdoor events are always so much fun! 
 ~~Photo by Suzanne Teresa
( Suzanne Teresa )
Love it.
How about you !?
Get the look :

                                                   6.25"Hx4.75"D Hanging Glass Vase

22"Hx18"Wx29"L Magnolia/Peony in Oval Resin Container

9"Hx7"Wx9"L Grand Peony in Vase

                                         7"Hx7"Wx7"L Confetti Rose in Silver Glass Vase

                                                  10"Hx7"Wx7"L Peony in Glass Vase
Be inspired  !!!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

A vibrant events

Summer is approaching faster than we know it... and that means summer parties! Can't wait to create more vibrant events like this one!

Get the look :

17"Hx19"Wx19"L Mixed Color Ranunculus in Vase Orange Yello

12"Hx11"Wx14"L Peony in Glass Vase Pink Cream
                        14"Hx16"Wx16"L Lily/Rose/ Ranunculus in Container Pink Yellow

                      27"Hx32"Wx32"L Poppy/Rose/ Orchid in Terra Cotta Pot Orange Yellow

10"Hx9"Wx12"L Mini Mum in Oval Ceramic Pot Yellow Orange
                                                     4.7" Mum in Ceramic Egg Holder
Be inspired !!!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Roses anciennes

Details, details...........

                                      So inviting; such an attractive and calming.image.

                                                                        Get the look :

29" Garden Rose Spray

3.5"Hx5"Wx8.25"L Tin Watering Can
Be inspired  !!!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Lantern love !!

Hello !!

Ready for the weekend? I know I am……..

Here I like to share with you a out - door inspiring image...........

                                           Amazing huh?
Get the look :
24"Hx20"Wx20"L Lilac/Protea/ Agapanthus in Urn Cream

7"Hx7"Wx7"L Hydrangea in Vase

14" Rose/Peony/Queen Anne's Lace in Glass Terrarium w/Stoneware Base White Green

 31" Snowball Spray

28.3"Hx13.2"D Metal Lantern w/Crown Antique White
4.3"D Preserved Sphagnum Moss Ball (3 ea./Acetate Box)

                          22"Hx14.7"Wx14.7"L Metal/Glass Container w/Handle Gray Clear

                                                                      Be inspired  !!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

A mass of the most exquisite tulips !

A mass of the most exquisite tulips ! ~~ by McQueens

( McQueens )
Get the look :
                                                          12" Lantana Bush x4 Beauty

12.6"Hx10.83"D Metal Container Antique Silver

                                                     20" Tulip Bush x11 Pink Beauty

13.98"Hx5.5"D Metal Container Antique Silver

                                                              18" Tulip Spray Beauty
9.75"Hx2.75"D Glass Vase Clear
Be inspired !!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Orange Accents

Photographer/author Ngoc Minh Ngo collaborated with floral designer Nicolette Owen to design the table, complete with flowers in small containers of varying heights and styles. ~~ House Beautiful Magazine
Get the look :
11"Hx11"Wx11"L Dahlia in Ceramic Pot Flame Yellow

 9" Ranunculus in Glass Vase Orange Yellow
21"Hx23"Wx24"L Multi-color Calla Lilies in Glass Orange Purple
12"Hx7"Wx9"L Rose/Hydrangea/Tulip Bouquet in Glass Vase Orange Yellow

18"Hx11"Wx29"L Casablanca Lily in Vase Flame
Be inspired !!!