Friday, May 31, 2013

Floral glory

These lifelike design offer natural appeal......
( from Flowers )
Get the look :
Peony Spray w/Bud,
 Round Container, 
Confetti Rose Bouquet .

19.5" Peony Spray w/Bud
21.5" Pearl Peony Spray
29" Peony Spray
                                                             25.5" Dinner Plate Dahlia Spray

29" Dahlia Spray
 9" Confetti Rose Bouquet

 6.5"Dx5.5"H Round Container
Wish you all have a great weekend !!


Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's spring or summer garden weddings!

So perfect for spring or summer garden weddings!
It put together some whimsical garden inspiration for weddings.

The upside down umbrella spilling over with flowers is so magical

The bride’s Catherine Deane gown with it’s petal inspired bodice is the perfect dress for any flower lover.
Get the look :
Daisy bush,
Shasta Daisy Spray ,
Tin Watering Can ,
Hydrangea Spray  ,
Eucalyptus Branch ,
Peony Spray , 
 Protea Spray ,
Amaranthus Spray ,
Open Rose Spray .
 22" Daisy Bush
31" Shasta Daisy Spray
3.5"Hx5"Wx8.25"L Tin Watering Can
22" Hydrangea Spray 
 Foxtail spray
26" Eucalyptus Branch x5 w/82 Lvs.
 29" Peony Spray
 24" Protea Spray
 44" Amaranthus Spray
22" Open Rose Spray


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Striking and Inspiring Home

Home design is about creating a certain mood and atmosphere, but sometimes colors and shapes are used so beautifully, that it becomes a space that changes you.

This project encompasses all the necessary elements to be considered a dream home. The crisp contrast between deep black and pure white showcased in different forms throughout the spaces creates a surreal feel.

 Get the look :
Metal Lace Mirror,
Leaf Print Ceramic Bottle ,
 Large Curly Twig Spray Brown Moss,
 Decorative Wood Container on Stand .
16" Metal Lace Mirror
 20" Ceramic Buddha Head
46.5"Wx58"L Mirror
26"Hx6.1"L Leaf Print Ceramic Bottle
14.5"Hx8.5"W Ceramic Container
50" Large Curly Twig Spray Brown Moss

 12.5"Dx55"H Decorative Wood Container on Stand


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's so splendid !!

 A gorgeous dining room set .
The hanging lamps,mirror and accessories are  splendid!

                                                                     Love the look!

Get the look :
Wood Lantern w/Glass Candleholder
Hexagonal Mirror,
Willow Branch ,
 New Growth Branch ,
Ceramic Vase ,
Assorted Mini Apple in Acetate Box ,
Ceramic Bowl w/Handle ,

18.7"Hx7.8"Wx8"L Wood Lantern w/Glass Candleholder

 19" Hexagonal Mirror
47" Willow Branch
51" New Growth Branch
7.5" Ceramic Pot 
3.5" Ceramic Pot
5.5" Ceramic Pot Gray
 2.5"Hx4"Wx4"L Assorted Mini Apple in Acetate Box
16"Dx9"H Ceramic Bowl w/Handle


Monday, May 27, 2013

A White, sand and pearl Florida beach wedding

It's a Florida beach wedding.
The three adjectives best describe for the wedding : Family, friends and fun.
The wedding color palette: White, sand and pearl.

( JunebugWedding )
Stunning,nautical and stylish.

Get the look :
Finger Coral ,
Mini Clam Shell.

7.25" Starfish Natural
4.5"Hx9"W Coral Natural
13" Finger Coral
 8"Wx10"L Mini Clam Shell