Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's spring or summer garden weddings!

So perfect for spring or summer garden weddings!
It put together some whimsical garden inspiration for weddings.

The upside down umbrella spilling over with flowers is so magical

The bride’s Catherine Deane gown with it’s petal inspired bodice is the perfect dress for any flower lover.
Get the look :
Daisy bush,
Shasta Daisy Spray ,
Tin Watering Can ,
Hydrangea Spray  ,
Eucalyptus Branch ,
Peony Spray , 
 Protea Spray ,
Amaranthus Spray ,
Open Rose Spray .
 22" Daisy Bush
31" Shasta Daisy Spray
3.5"Hx5"Wx8.25"L Tin Watering Can
22" Hydrangea Spray 
 Foxtail spray
26" Eucalyptus Branch x5 w/82 Lvs.
 29" Peony Spray
 24" Protea Spray
 44" Amaranthus Spray
22" Open Rose Spray


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