Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Vingtage Backyard Wedding's Inspiration

It's vintage ,yet elegant............

A lot of our decorations were created from things we picked up at antique and thrift stores. From the sheets on the hay bale seats to the dishes used for dinner and the vintage books and trinkets used as centerpieces, so much of what was used that day had a previous history. The vases and containers used for the flowers were also found at antique and thrift stores. Our fantastic florist used a lot of lavender and baby’s breath - which was simple and smelled heavenly! The market lights we purchased from a vendor online and we really loved what they added to the ambiance after the sunset.~~ by The couple of  Samantha and Scott
Get the look :
Lavender bush,
Open Rose,
Scalloped Tin Pot.
21" long lavender bush x 6
 23.75" Gypsophila Spray x2
20" Single Open Rose Spray

25" Eden Rose Spray
5.5"Dx5.5"H Scalloped Tin Pot


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