Thursday, May 16, 2013

Horseback ride loving story

The couple have known each other since high school, but it was a special trip a few years after graduation where they met again and bonded during an amazing horseback riding trip  that really was the start of something special.
So, they were inspired by that.
They took a horseback ride together to their ceremony location and then had an intimate ceremony with close family.

Love their horseback ride loving story!
Love the beauty of natural around them!
Love that they kept their day simple + true !
Love her pretty boho crown !
Love the tropical bouquet !
Get the floral look :
 Double Ranunculus Spray ,
Gladiolus spray,
Lavender spray,
Freesia spray,
Calla Lily/Protea Tropical Bouquet.
26.5" Double Ranunculus Spray
36" Gladiolus Spray
22" Lavender Spray x2 

32" Freesia Spray
 21" Calla Lily/Protea Tropical Bouquet

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