Saturday, May 4, 2013

‘Gammelyn’s Daughter’ ~~ by Kirsty Mitchell Photography

The vast valley brimming knee deep in soft purple-pink heather....................
The  wild heather in full bloom.
The whole landscape was purple, even the trunks of the trees appeared to be stained a matching hue.
The earth was a soft delicate grey sand.
It was extraordinary, so wild and organic, nothing like the regimented lanes of farmed lavender .
The idea of an eternal dream, an endless sleep,…..

Then,the ‘Gammelyn’s Daughter’ was created...........
‘Gammelyn’s Daughter, a Waking Dream’
 Creating a beautiful floral image of a woman that is not sickly sweet, or contrived was the goal. Something haunting that made you question who she was, and why she was there?
 Get the look with :
Heather Bush,
 Lavender Bunch.,
27" Heather Bush x5 Bush
11" Mini Heather Bush x5
13" Lavender Bunch

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