Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hand the garden up !

Plants in the workplace can reduce stress and increase productivity.
                     Create flourishing succenlus in a frame,and hang the garden up on the wall.
                            You can experince the magical fun of plants in any environment.
                                                                      It's so gorgeous.
                                                                  What a smart design !

Get the look with faux Succulents :
Foam Echeveria w/2 ,
Mini Echeveria Pick,
Barrel Cactus on Stem,
 Mini Agave Pick,
Echeveria Pick .
12" Foam Echeveria w/2
4.75" Mini Echeveria Pick
 14" Barrel Cactus on Stem

 4"Hx4"W Mini Agave Pick
 8" Echeveria Pick

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