Saturday, November 30, 2013

A gilded, autumnal celebration

A gilded, autumnal celebration.
It inspire us for the upcoming holiday......

Get the look :

36" long bead chandelie

52" long bead chandelier

                                                             63"Hx38"Wx38"L Ruffle Fern in Urn

                                                             Pittosporum Bush x4 Green Cream

16" Pittosporum Bush w/384 Lvs.

6" Glass Teardrop Ornament Clear

44"Hx18.5"W Fiberglass Container

 3.5"Hx2.25"D Mercury Glass Faux Candle w/Light (battery Operated) Gold

                                                                 15.75" Candleholder Yellow
 12"Hx10"Wx10"L Ranunculus Bouquet /Glass Vase
Have a blessed day to all...........


Friday, November 29, 2013

A very simple but effective way

                              At last, the Christmas run up officially kicks off this Sunday, and nothing will get you in the festive mood like a Christmas Red..........
                             A very simple but effective way of dressing a mantlepiece with this "Red amaryllis" setting.

( McQueens )
 Make your holiday more festive with red flowers and decor !

 Get the look :

31" Amaryllis Spray
4.75"Dx18.5"H Glass Vase

29" Amaryllis Spray
5.5"Dx25"H Glass Vase Clear

                                                      21" Standing Amaryllis w/Bulb 

                                                             6" Amaryllis in Paper Mache Pot

6'Lx4.6"W Asparagus Fern Garland Two Tone Green
Be inspirated !!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

                                             So grateful for many things in the life............
                                                                Cherish this moment.
                                                  Happy Thanksgiving with my blessings!

The red can also warm up an interior.
Paired with warm leaves the color saturates a room with fall!
Love ~~ Love
Get the look :
24" Apple Wreath Red

16" Apple Wreath Red

17" Maple Leaf Bush x10 

5.5"Wx7.5"L Apple (12 ea./box)

4"Hx4"Wx4"L Assorted Apple/Pear/Pomegranate in Acetate Box

5.5"Dx8"H Glass Cylinder Vase
 Enjoy very happy Thanksgiving !!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Castle gorgeous + Serene scenses

                                             Doune Castle  gorgeous + Serene scenses!

Ready for ...........

 It creat perfect atmosphere !!
Get the look :

 32" Delphinium Spray
                                                                            9" Dorrit Bush

54.5" Berry Hanging Spray

33" Casablanca Lily Spray

20.5" Open Rose Spray w/Bud

44" Amaranthus Spray

34" Jumbo Calla Lily

 27" Nerine Lily Spray
                                                               9"Dx25"H Crackle Glass Vase

11.8"Dx49.6"H Ceramic Tall Vase
Take a look and be inspired.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The vibrant color combination for Autumn

                                                      Autumn, a symphony of colors!
                                            Want an autumn crisp feel for your wedding?
                                 Tourquoise and orange remains a popula color combination.

The vibrant colors were lovely - and delightfully fall feeling.
Love it !!
Get the look :

45" Snowed Twig Branch

19" Tulip Bush x7

7"Dx17"H Glass Vase
                                                         20" Small Calla Lily Spray
4.5"Dx13.75"H Glass V-Shaped Vase

 7.5" Rose Bud in Glass Vase

23" Hydrangea Spray

6.5"Dx19.5"H Long Neck Bottle Vase

Monday, November 25, 2013

Tropical floral art

Monday morning inspiration :

Happy to all-starting off this Monday morning with "Tropical floral art "

This flower decoration in Mexico City design by  Azuma Makoto 東信.


His work is delightful,whimsical,creative,altogether fantastic !!
Get the look :
Bird of Paradise,

 30" Single Hawaiian Ginger Spray
 20" Bromeliad Plant 

39" Bird of Paradise Spray

21" Guzmania Plant

24" Protea Spray

41.5" Heliconia Hanging Spray
We hope you're all having an excellent Monday!!