Friday, November 1, 2013

Spook’tastic floral arrangement

Happy Friday!

Here’s  image of  "Spook'tastic floral arrangement" to get your hearts beating......
 Whether you are hosting a sit-down dinner or an open house night for trick or treaters, it's good for Holloween night .............
                                                             ( This lovely image credit to Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart )
Simply stunning!
Get the look :

                                                                      31" Blackberry Spray
25" Beaded Berry Spray
19" Aster Mum Spray

25.5" Open Cottage Rose Spray

                                                                    27" Protea Spray 
                                    22.5" Mini Ranunculus Spray x4 w/3 Flw. 1 Bud & 7 Lvs.

We look forward to sharing endless inspiration with you!


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