Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Eye candy : Black eyed susan

Fall in love with this image of "Black-eyed Susan " from ‘A Guide to the Wild Flowers’ (1899)

The Author Alice Lounsberry was an American botanist and author active in the United States during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. She worked closely with the Australian botanical artist Ellis Rowan with her as illustrator.”

She writed in the book about the flower:

Black- eyed Susan, or Susie, as her playmates call her, is a beautiful wild country girl with a striking brunette face, and a gown of yellow and black, which fairly makes the meadows dance with life and gaiety.
Perhaps, she lacks that wealth of charm which cultivation gives, and is rather careless in choosing her companions.
No doubt, she is governed entirely by her love of fun.

Her manner of growth is certainly ungraceful and her leaves and stem are rough and uncouth.

She is perfectly at home in the east , although she first came to us hidden in claver seeds from the west ;where she is call by the unpoetical name of “nigger-head “.

It's so simple and alluring !!

The "Black eyed susan" is a cheerful, widespread wildflower.
 It is considered an annual to a short-lived perennial .
 Bright-yellow, 2-3 in. wide, daisy-like flowers with dark centers are its claim-to-fame.
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