Thursday, January 31, 2013

White flowers and Butterfly

( from MarkRose )
Get the look :
 Butterfly Garland ,
Snow Twig Branch,
Wisteria spray,
 Cherry Blossom Branch,
Glass Candle w/Clip .
4' Butterfly Garland 
 62.5" Japanese Wisteria Spray
57" Cherry Blossom Branch
32" Snow Twig Branch
6.8"Dx15.7"H Glass Candleholder
5.5"Dx14"H Glass Cylinder Vase
6" Vanda Orchid in Glass Vase
 2.25"Wx10"L Glass Candle w/Clip


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A modern industrial look living room


Can't go wrong with a modern industrial look for living room..........
Get the look :
Acanthus Candle Stand,
 Galvanized drum,
 Scalloped Tin Bucket,
 Wicker hanging lamp shade,
Scalloped Tin Pot ,
Tin square planter,Fiberglass Square Planter , 
 Medium Broadleaf Cordyline Bush .
17.75"Hx10"Wx20.5"L Acanthus Candle Stand x10
16"Dx18"H Wicker Hanging Lamp Shade
11"D-17.5"D Galvanized Drum (set of 3)
5.5"Dx5.5"H Scalloped Tin Pot
5.7"Hx6.5"Wx6.5"L Tin Square Planter

 35" Medium Broadleaf Cordyline Bush w/49 Lvs
 18"Hx18"Wx18"L Fiberglass Square Planter

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Seaside nature with creamy chic

Get the look :
Medium Rose Spray,
 Peony bud spray,
Phalaenopisis orchid,
 Rose/Hydrangea Bouquet,
 Mini Clam Shell ,
Agapanthus spray,
Gypso spray,
18" Peony Bud Spray
23" Single Medium Rose Spray x1 Vanilla
40" Phalaenopsis Orchid Spray w/8 Flw. & 6 Buds
26" Gypsophila Spray
 25" Hydrangea Spray
13.5" Rose/Hydrangea Bouquet
 4.5"Hx9"W Coral
 8"Wx10"L Mini Clam Shell (2 lbs./bag)


Monday, January 28, 2013

The wedding ~~ “Out of Africa” theme

The theme would be “Out of Africa” garden party-esqe… colors were champagne, peach, mauve, plum, blush, etc.

The  trophy heads and fireplaces (extremely intimate setting) and GORGEOUS 3-tier wood deck overlooking the wooded creek in the back.

The mini glass succulent terrariums as wedding favors for the guests. (mini gravel, succulent soil)

( from Ruffled )
Get the look :
 Aeonium, Agave,
Cottage rose spray,
Eucalyptus Berry Pick,
Eucalyptus stem,
Impatien bush,
Moss ball.,
Peony pich,
Plastic protea spray,
Protea spray,
Rainbow tulip bush,

24" Protea Spray

28" Plastic Protea Spray x1
11" Rainbow Tulip Bush x21
17" Eucalyptus Berry Pick
39" Eucalyptus Stem
 9" Peony Pick
 27.5" Large Cottage Rose Bud Spray
11" Impatiens Bush x5
8.5" Aeonium Plant

4"Hx4"W Mini Agave Pick
10.5" Mood Moss Ball

Monday morning inspiration : Gucci's Forever Flora


Happy Monday to all-starting off this Monday morning with Gucci's "Forever Flora"

( from Gucci )
                                                        Have a very goodweek !

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Inspiring Images : At JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai"s top

Beginning next month ( Fab,2013 ), the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai will be opening the property’s nine restaurants and five bars, one of which occupies the top floor.

Restaurants include Asian-Fusion, Italian, American, German, and continental and steakhouse themes.

( from Persuitist )
Get the look :
Glass Vase,
Msaic pot.,
Onion Grass/Lavender/ Basil
, Phoenix palm,
Willow grass,
22" Hydrangea Bush x5
4"Hx4"D Glass Vase
4' Phoenix Palm Tree in Rectangular Plastic Pot
 42" Tall Willow Grass Bush w/46 Lvs
25.5"Dx49.5"H Glass Mosaic Pot
11.5" Onion Grass/Lavender/ Basil in Tin Round Pot x3 w/Tray