Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Winter white flowers for the chilly January

Joni Mitchell’s iconic, revelatory album Blue is the inspiration for this arrangement.
 The cover art evokes a melancholic winter mood. 
 There are a million things you can read into the dark image of Mitchell’s face. 
With white flowers for the month of January, the chilly midnight blue cover seemed like a nice juxtaposition.
 White Flowers for winter arrangement are ,above,Allium, Freesia, Parrot Tulip, Peony, Raspberry, Seeded Eucalyptus ,Mini calla lily.
It is delicate white hues, selecting a more substantial and earthy foliage makes it a bit more interesting.
 ( from DesignSponge )
Like white in winter. 
 White adds such freshness to a home.
How you are thinking?
Get the look :
Allium, Freesia, Mini calla lily, Parrot Tulip, Peony, Raspberry, Seeded Eucalyptus
 26" Raspberry Spray
20" Peony Spray
22.5" Freesia Spray x2 w/Water-Proof
                                                                   37" Spike Veronica Spray
. 26" Allium Bundle
24" Parrot Tulip Spray
 18" Seeded Eucalyptus Spray
18" Seeded Eucalyptus Spray
 21" Mini Plastic Calla Lily Spray




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