Friday, January 4, 2013

Simplicity,yet remains stylish~~ Omotenashi Hotels by Plan.Do.See Lnc

THE NORTH GALLERY begins with a private path leading up to it. Kickoff the ceremony with candles, pictures, and flowers lining the walls.

The wooden base interior and cordial lighting give the room a quality feel. The banquet room exudes simplicity, yet remains stylish.

For those interested in traditional Japanese-style weddings, we have a number of local shrines including the Hakozaki Shrine, the Kashii Shrine, and the Shikaumi Shrine. After holding the ceremony at one of the shrines, bring the party back for an elaborate reception with us.

                                                                 ( from Plan.Do.See.Lnc )

                                                                   12" Peony in Glass Vase

  27" Large Open Cottage Rose Spray
5.5"Dx14"H Glass Cylinder Vase Clear
7.5"Dx39"H Straight Tall Glass Vase

16" Sweetpea Bundle x3

30" Hydrangea Spray
38" Wisteria Spray Purple

10"  Orchid Bouquet 
23" Forsythia Bush x6
 45" Sophora Leaf Spray
9"Dx17"H Glass Vase

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