Monday, January 28, 2013

The wedding ~~ “Out of Africa” theme

The theme would be “Out of Africa” garden party-esqe… colors were champagne, peach, mauve, plum, blush, etc.

The  trophy heads and fireplaces (extremely intimate setting) and GORGEOUS 3-tier wood deck overlooking the wooded creek in the back.

The mini glass succulent terrariums as wedding favors for the guests. (mini gravel, succulent soil)

( from Ruffled )
Get the look :
 Aeonium, Agave,
Cottage rose spray,
Eucalyptus Berry Pick,
Eucalyptus stem,
Impatien bush,
Moss ball.,
Peony pich,
Plastic protea spray,
Protea spray,
Rainbow tulip bush,

24" Protea Spray

28" Plastic Protea Spray x1
11" Rainbow Tulip Bush x21
17" Eucalyptus Berry Pick
39" Eucalyptus Stem
 9" Peony Pick
 27.5" Large Cottage Rose Bud Spray
11" Impatiens Bush x5
8.5" Aeonium Plant

4"Hx4"W Mini Agave Pick
10.5" Mood Moss Ball

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