Monday, January 21, 2013

A Beautiful Mix

( from HouseBeautiful )
Designer Charlotte Moss's message is: Mix the antique with the new. Which is which here? Chinoiserie panels on tea paper, gilt brackets with blanc de Chine canisters, red lacquer bamboo coffee table, loveseat in Daphne's Mystery, by Charlotte Moss for Brunschwig & Fils. Featured in the June 2008 issue.
Get the look :
Baby breath,
Peony in rectangular vase,
 Phalaenopsis in ceramic container,
 Resin wall decor,
Plum blossom,
Cherry blossom,
Blossom in vase,
Ceramic Vase w/Pattern .
27" Plum Blossom Spray x2
37" Plastic Mini Blossom Spray

41" Cherry Blossom Spray
5.5"Dx12"H Ceramic Vase w/Pattern White
33"Hx28"Wx36"L Blossoms in Vase

30"Hx15"Wx21"L Phalaenopsis in Ceramic Container

11"Hx7"Wx11"L Peony in Rectangular Vase
18" tall baby breath with 3 branches of full bloom flowers
24.5"Hx4.5"Wx8.5"L Resin Wall Decor
6" Faux Candle in Snowflake Candleholder w/Battery


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