Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Language of flowers ~~ Lily mean's Good Breeding

After decoding the true meanings behind these blossoms, you’ll never look at a bouquet the same way again!~~  by Lucy Fitzgerald

Lilies are prized for their dramatic, often seductively scented blooms sitting atop stems as tall and slim as a showgirl’s legs.
Gloriosa lilies look exotic, but are actually easily grown at home. They make excellent, high-fashion cut flowers for bouquets and corsages. Cut them when they have almost opened all the way and split the ends of the main stems before putting them into a vase.
These Triumphator lilies—trumpet-shaped beauties—are the result of an Easter lily crossed with an Oriental lily.
There are well over 100 lily species. They grow wild all across the Northern Hemisphere and are so varied and complex (and through cross-hybridizing still ever expanding) that it is very difficult to organize and describe them. ~~ by  Dig.Drop.Done
Let's checking  Silk Flower Depot lily collection :
12" Casablanca Lily/Rose/Snowball Bouquet

29" Easter Lily Spray x1

29" Water-Resistant Lily Bush
35" Real Touch Casablanca Lily Spray w/2 Flw. & 1 Bud

24" Nerine Lily Bush x7

10"Hx12"Wx12"L Stargazer Lily in Vase

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Deep purple, chartreuse green and peacock inspiration

Deep purple, chartreuse green and peacock inspiration

Get the look :
Phalaenopsis Orchid,
Loose Peacock Feather ,
Crystal Garland .
32" Phalaenopsis Orchid Spray

 17" Anemone Spray
12.5" Butterfly Orchid Spray

 20" Single Open Rose Spray

17" Petunia Spray

13" Clematis Spray

35"H-40"H Loose Peacock Feather
6' Crystal Garland

Monday, July 29, 2013

Bunch of lupins

It’s a nice Monday morning to start- off with this gorgeous a bunch of lupinus.

                                                              In this warm summer morning,
                                                          pick as many wild flowers as you can.                 
                                                  The  rosy hued lupinus are my favorite.
                                                                    How about you ?

                    **You can compact  faux Lupinus from Silk Flower Depot Collection too**


33" Lupinus Spray w/Water-Resistant Stem
24" Lupinus Spray x2

6"Hx2.5"Wx6"L Glass Cube Vase

 We also like a Lupinus Garden in Metal Cage to share with you :

12"Hx10"W Lavender/Lupinus Garden in Metal Cage w/Wood Stand

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Classic table setting ~~ by Tiffany & Co

Enrich a happy couple’s new life with exquisite bone china, sterling silver and crystal creations.
The interesting there is a lot on the table but it does not look cluttered ....

love it so classic ..never goes outta style!
All my favorite colors in one Amazing picture .
Get the floral look :
Hydrangea Bouquet ,
Iris/Leather Fern/Grass Bouquet ,
 Pansy Petal.
9.5" Hydrangea Bouquet
28" Iris/Leather Fern/Grass Bouquet
5.5" Pansy Petal in Bag (24 ea./Bag)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Charmy & Whimsy

Something "Mind"
Something "Blue"
Below, you’ll see two images from wonderful sites that they’ve featured........


Such  serene & whimsy !
 I'm dancing!
12" Rose w/Diamond Bouquet
                                                                   9" Confetti Rose Bouquet
13.5" Rose/Hydrangea Bouquet

Friday, July 26, 2013

"The dreamy WedLuxw Tree" ~~ Cheers for weekend !

Ready for the weekend? I know I am............
Here're some features "The dreamy WedLuxw Tree" I like to share with you:

Check Silk Flower Depot's collection :
62.5" Japanese Wisteria Spray

  31" Wisteria Bush x45

6' Wisteria Garland w/Grape Vine
Wishing you have a peaceful,relaxing Weekend !!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Tangier pallete floral arrangement

A Tangier pallete floral arrangement ,that has us day dreaming of desert sand an emerald oases.
Do you agree !?

The colors and movement in this palette work so well to combat the sultry heat of the season.
We love it so much!
Try to get the look from Silk  Flower Depot's collection :
Star Flower w/Onion Grass 
Joyous Home Simply Gerbera

26" Eucalyptus Berry Spray
19" Coleus Bush x7
 25" Star Flower w/Onion Grass

4" Echeveria Pick 
13" Echeveria Pick x3
18" Joyous Home Simply Gerbera

30" Spring Berry Spray 
8.4"Dx7"H Round Pot