Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Stand out and blend in!

The permanent flowers in this design are well matched to the color and detail in the elegant Chinese porcelain bowl: purple , orange lilies, blue hydrangea, orchids, succulents, hanging begonia foliage, and poke berry (all from NDI - Natural Decorations, Inc.)! Stand out and blend in!

 Get the Look :
Allium Spray ,
Real Touch Casablanca Lily Spray,
Hydrangea Spray,
Vanda Orchid Spray,
Echeveria Pick ,
Poke Berry Spray,
Round Laurel Hanging Bush ,
Magnolia Leaf Hanging Bush .
31" Allium Spray
35" Real Touch Casablanca Lily Spray w/2 Flw. & 1 Bud
36" Hydrangea Spray x3
42" Vanda Orchid Spray
 5"Dx11.5"H Echeveria Pick
26" Poke Berry Spray
25" Round Laurel Hanging Bush x9 w/99 Lvs. & 54 Berries
 22" Large Magnolia Leaf Hanging Bush Flocked Green

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