Wednesday, July 17, 2013

GUEST BLOG: Match the Bouquet to Your Wedding Dress
By Natalie Tsang of Simply Bridal

In order to complete your overall perfect look for your wedding day, make sure that 
each component of your ensemble works well with one another. Many brides have 
a difficult time figuring out the style of bouquet that is going to work well with not 
only their look but their theme as well. But don’t worry because we are here to help! 
Read below for important tips!


When it comes to picking out the accessories for your wedding day, you need to step 
back and make a decision. Are you going to match your accessories to your dress 
OR find accessories that complement your look? It is important to decide this before 
finding your pieces so you don’t get yourself into a panic when it comes to your look being complete.


If you’re going to choose to go the matching route, make sure your whites actually 
match. Many women forget that there are millions of shades of white, and it is 
important that everything is the same color. White and ivory don’t mix well! 
Wearing white and ivory down the aisle will be something that even your husband to-be will notice (YIKES!). The only one who might understand this look would be 
the random fashionista sitting in the audience, but you want to be sure and wow 
ALL of your guests, not just the one fashion junkie in the back. 

To create a timeless classic, match the classic and simple white Edith Gown with 


Choosing to go the complementing route definitely gives you more wiggle room in 
terms of options.  You can choose the colors of your accessories to match the theme 
of your wedding or just colors that you personally want to wear with your wedding 
dress. This is a great way to have fun with your bouquet. You can do an arrangement 
of various colors of flowers and choose from more than white fabric to wrap your 
bouquet in. If you’re really outgoing and unique, this is a great way to show that 
with your wedding ensemble. 

For a more traditional and romantic look, pair the Emma Gown with 
a bouquet of long stem Rose Bouquet

For a more whimsical and trendy look, pair the hot off the runway Cheryl Gown with
a colorful and fun Ranunculus Rose Bouquet


Most importantly, be sure your bouquet compliments your overall look and not 
JUST your dress. It is important to consider the type of jewelry you have picked out 
when choosing your bouquet. If you’re wearing jewelry that has lots of bling, it could 
be fun to add a little bling to your bouquet as well so it works well together. Or if 
you choose to wear a funky pair of shoes that are a fun color, maybe incorporate 
that color into your bouquet as well (try wrapping your bouquet in the same color 
They key is to just keep in mind your wedding day ensemble as a whole and not just 
as the dress. We all know the dress is going to be the focal point, but there is a lot 
more than goes into the look than just the dress! Good luck and happy hunting!

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