Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Language of flowers ~~ Dahlias: Elegance and Dignity

                               Language of flowers ~~  **Dahlias: Elegance and Dignity **

An expression of elegance and dignity, dahlias offer blooms as big as dinner plates in an array of colors, shapes, and creative hybrids.
The dinner plate dahlias because their blooms can span 10 inches or more, stake them to support their weight.

Dramatic dahlias are known for their exuberant colors and blooms that can be as large as dinner plates. The petite ones are cute, too.

The Dahlia
Elegant Simplicity !!
Get the look with The Silk Flower Depot's collection:
Dahlia Bush,
 Dahlia in Glass Bottle,
 Dahlia spray,
Garden Dahlia Spra.

15"Hx11"Wx10"L Dahlia in Glass Bottle

18" Dahlia Bush x5

29" Dahlia Spray

37" Garden Dahlia Spray

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