Saturday, April 19, 2014

A "Twlight Wedding"

                                                                   WEDDING WOW!

  A forest of tall birch branches, lichen branches, and reclaimed wood serves as a “Wishing Tree”: guests pick up the little wooden hearts, write wishes, and hang them on the “tree.” Twigs, flowers and foliage are arranged in a 27-inch Raquette foam holder wrapped in bark ribbon. As special favors, mini pine trees are planted in pots, nestled inside a wooden crate; to each little tree is attached a thank-you written on a wooden disk.

                                   You can check at The Silk Flower Depot's collection
Get the look :

12"Wx7"L Butterfly w/Clip White
36" Twig Branch Green

13" Real Touch Boston Fern Bush x18 Two Tone Green

27" Hydrangea Spray

                                                             27" Gerbera Daisy Spray

24" Moss Branch

34" Egyptian Papyrus Bundle x3

29" Rattail Grass Bush Green
3hx11.8"Wx15"L Clay Pot x12 in Wood Crate Gray
            11"Hx12.5"Wx12.5"L Moss/Baby's Tear/Eucalyptus Seed Ball in Basket Green

                            9" Herb Garden in Clay Pot x12 in Wood Box Green Burgundy
Be inspired !!


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