Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ethereal Whites & Greens

Happy Thursday !!
Today , we are delighted to feature the gorgeous creations from chicest of florists, PhilippaCraddock , designed to work with a relaxed marquee and table setting in a truly rural spot, to provide the most romantic, intimate and magical setting; with detailed blooms in pure whites and greens, together with cut crystal glass and lace. Simple vases filled with hand ties sit elegantly under a hanging cascade of flowers, to create the perfect atmosphere.

Check  The Silk Flower Depot's bridal collection to get inspiration:
28" Hydrangea/Astilbe Bouquet 

                                      15" Vintage Orchid/Rose/ Snowball /Fern Cascade

11.5" Hydrangea/Rose/Lilac/ Viburnum Berry Bridesmaid Bouquet

 5" Rose Corsage

                                                         6" Daisy Heart Candle Ring

24" Hydrangea/Rose/Lilac/ Viburnum Berry Wreath
Be inspired !!!

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