Saturday, January 4, 2014

Display blooms organically

 Happy Saturday !!
Today we like to share with you the ideas of flower arrangement "Display blooms organically"
by HouseBeautiful.: about how you would find these elements in a garden or in their natural environment. Inspired by the natural world and gardens .

 "The fun part of arranging is allowing every element to live together in harmonious ways, where each flower can be appreciated just as it was in the garden."
We can check the faux flowers at The Silk Flower Depot
Get the look :


25" Lotus Pod Bundle x2 Green

19" Pitcher Plant
17" Anemone Spray Pink

                                    7.5" Rose/Hydrangea/Anemone Bouquet Pink Burgundy
                                               12" Rose/Viburnum Berry Bouquet Pink

48" Smilax Berry Hanging Spray
                                                                          40" Berry Spray

                                                                    Be inspired !!

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