Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year's red

On Friday January 31st the Chinese New Year and the ‘Year of the Horse’ begins.
For those born in the year of the horse, their characteristics include bundles of energy, extremely independent, confident and proud, yet at the same time sweet-natured, tolerant and humble.

Our special "Happy Chinese New Year's red"selection is a fabulous clash of bright red colour including beautiful Quince Blossom Spray,Bromeliad/Sedum/Hen And Chicks in Ceramic Bowl,Hydrangea/Daisy/Berry in Ceramic Vase,Tulip/Rose/Peony in Tall Resin Urn .

45" Quince Blossom Spray

21"Hx27"Wx27"L Bromeliad/Sedum/Hen And Chicks in Ceramic Bowl

32"Hx26"Wx33"L Hydrangea/Daisy/Berry in Ceramic Vase

40"Hx24"Wx24"L Tulip/Rose/Peony in Tall Resin Urn

Be happy !!

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