Friday, August 16, 2013

“Modern Warm” ~~ silver & white

Today,we like to showcase "Ivanka Trump's New York Apartment"
It's “Modern Warm”:
Contemporary angles swathed in soothing shades, starting with the foyer and its silver-leaf wallpaper, painted with a botanical mural.

                                                                    Bed room warmly.

                                                           A simple, all-white nursery

                                                   Quietly restrained, beautifully done.
                                              Very Modern and Glamorous installation!

 65" Catkins Branch
16" Ceramic Vase

 42" Wild Cherry Blossom Branch
16.9"Dx25.2"H Ceramic Vase

 30" French Tulip Spray

5.5" Terra Cotta Pot
Wishing you have great weekend !!



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