Friday, August 2, 2013

Wow......Green & White

Wow......... Green & White!
It's just lightened our mood right here.

( life of polarn per )


( HGTV )

Love all the lush green!
Feel completely weak in the knees!
How abou you?
Check the Green & White collection with Silk Flower Depot :

 4"Wx10yd Mesh Laser Glitter Ribbon

13" Anemone/Viburnum Berry Bouquet

24" Apple Blossom Spray

40" Cone Hydrangea Spray

 36" Hydrangea Spray x3

10.5" Baby's Tear Ball Topiary in Paper Mache Pot

17.5" Garden Hydrangea Bush x5

22" Hydrangea Bush x5
Enjoy the inspiration and have great weekend !!

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