Sunday, August 4, 2013

Elegant but mystery!

The Mulberry Autumn Winter 2013 campaign celebrates the beauty and mystery of the English countryside, combined with the elegant grandeur of an English country manor. Shot by Tim Walker, the Mullberry campaign stars Cara Delevingne.







Yes,it look elegant but mystery!
We love those features.
It's beautiful and stunning!
Check the Silk Flower Depot owl & magnolia collection :
 4"Hx6"L Sisal/Pine Cone Owl

  4"Hx6"L Sisal/Pine Cone Owl

 3.5" Sisal Owl Ornament

 6.5" Snow Owl

13" Standing Snow Owl

35" Magnolia Spray x2 w/Bud

36" Magnolia Spray

26.5" Magnolia Spray x2
 Wishing you have great Sunday!

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