Friday, May 25, 2012

Plumeria Collection

In Hawaii,the plumeria flower is ALOHA,which is used as a form of greeting,it also symbolizes love and portrayal of one's feelings.
The Silk Flower Depot  offers some artifical plumeria prouducts like:

                                                              4' Plumeria Leaf Tree in Plastic Pot

                                                                       15" Plumeria Bush x12

                                                                     15" Plumeria Bush x12

                                                                            33" Plumeria Spray

                                                                            26" Plumeria Spray

                                            38"Hx17"Wx17"L Heliconia/Plumeria/Hibiscus in Ceramic Vase

                                         38"Hx23"Wx34"L Banana Flower/Plumeria/Poppy in Bamboo Bowl

                                           31"Hx20"Wx22"L Phalaenopsis/Plumeria in Bamboo Bowl

                                                                       check hear.........

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