Monday, September 17, 2012

The Goddess of the Rainbow ~~~ Iris

 Iris is the name of the Goddess of the Rainbow, surely one of the best assignments on Olympus. And because of the great elegance of the iris bloom, it has been the symbol of monarchs and royal families throughout history. In fact, one of the earliest known artworks of an iris is a fresco in King Minos' palace on the Greek Island of Crete.

The iris has probably second place as the favored flower in great art. After the rose which is surely No. 1, irises appear in paintings by Leonardo daVinci, Durer, Renoir, Cezanne, Van Gogh, (whose famous painting “Irises” set an all-time auction price in recent years, selling for over 53 million dollars), Gauguin, and of course, Claude Monet.      
See below:

                                                                 ( Van Gogh's Irises )

                                                                ( Claude Monet's Iris )

So,You know that  Iris  name from the Greek word for "rainbow" — that's how many colors there are to choose from!!

Check those colorful Irises from The Silk Flower Depot's Collection:

                                                                 28" Bearded Iris Spray
                                                                          ( Cream Green)
                                                                         ( Purple Blue)
                                                                        ( Yellow Brown)
                                                                  ( Yellow Burgundy )

                                                                       ( Violet Lilace )

                                                23.5" Iris w/Cut Branch on Terra Cotta Plate


31"Hx22"Wx30"L Iris/Wildflower in Resin ContainerWF3722-PU
36"Hx30"Wx30"L Iris/Grass in Glass Vase Purple


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