Sunday, October 21, 2012

The last Gentleman ~~ Jeremy Irons

Wanted to do the Gypsy and instead became one of the best actors of his generation. Interview with Jeremy Irons, the last gentleman

(from Vogue,please check intervew here ) 
His dream was to become a drummer and travel around the world, put his skills to the test but it was the cinema to enshrine better actor in 1990.

Jeremy Irons was born in 1948 in Cowes, on the Isle of Wight celebrated by artists from around the world as magical. Since the first movie interpreted, shows the ability to delineate his characters often filled with deep concern.

The meet in Cannes, there comes with that look a bit blasé and that step by british man. Rare species and endangered species, the gentleman.

Greets with to be kissed, speaks slowly and with diction, that say, perfect. "My dream was to travel around the world, as a Gypsy. But during my travels I approached at first and then to the movies. "

Hard to imagine it as a Gypsy, he, witness of elegance. "I don't like fashion because it requires us to be followed by limiting in fact your freedom. I love to dress up in the clothes that I represent ... If they are also fashion ... What can I say, is luck! ".

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