Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Modern Tropical Wedding

This image which features all kinds of textured greens, lush ferns, and tropical florals and is styled in such a fun, modern way!

PIn this even , protea love is still going strong around here, but we were pretty unsure about how to incorporate other fun, tropical blooms into weddings + events.
Getthe look :
                                  23.5" Protea/Anthurium/Orchid Bush Cream Yellow

                                     23.5" Bird of Paradise/Ginger /Protea Bush Red Orange

                                                              27" King Protea Spray

                                                         28" Plastic Protea Spray x1

21" Calla Lily/Protea Tropical Bouquet Orange Green


                                                               9" Protea in Glass Vase

13"Hx19"x24"L Peony/Protea/ Ranunculus/Calla Lily in Bamboo Tray Orange Yellow

38"Hx23"Wx34"L Banana Flower/Plumeria/Poppy in Bamboo Bowl Flame Cream
Be inspired !!

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