Thursday, January 29, 2015

Haute Couture Show Is In Full Bloom

Chanel dares to metamorphose the fashion trends as well as the scenario that all are accustomed to expect. Moving on from the supermarket and street protest, the French luxury fashion house has prepped up a garden full of palm trees and banana leaves as well as articulated flowers like mimosas, poppies and lotus flowers which bloom with each passing model.~~ by Pursuitist 




Get the look :

35" Mimosa Spray Burgundy Gold
25" Fresh Look Mimosa Spray x6 White

28" Poppy Spray x2 w/1 Flw. & 1 Bud
36" Protea Spray Flame Orange

19.5" Lotus Spray  

21" Glitter Lotus Leaf Spray  
6' Laurel Leaf Garland w/Berries Burgundy Rust

34" Glittered Birdnest Mesh Leaf Spray White
16" Glittered Phalaenopsis Orchid Leaf Plant White Glittered
31" Snow Branch Bush x6 White

Be inspiration !!

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