Saturday, February 28, 2015

In Bloom

Place : Hinoba-an Sea, Negros island, Philippines

“In Bloom”, art project for which Azuma Makoto creates flower installations under the environments where nature does not allow them to exist. Following the first installation of the project “EXOBIOTANICA”, the botanical space flight, the next artwork was in Hinoba-an Sea, Negros Island in Philippines. There, Azuma created a huge sculpture of flowers in the middle of the ocean that stretches calmly around the Island.

 A 4-meters long botanical sculpture consisted of approximately 10,000 red Heliconia were installed on a simple raft used by the local fisherman. With nothing blocked the harsh sunlight, blown by salted water, the sculpture of flowers quietly floated in the cobalt blue ocean. The ocean accounts 70% of the surface of the earth, and therefore it created magnificent stage for the project. A vivid contrast between expressions of the flowers that change every minute and the surrounding environment were recorded as a documentary. ~~ Azuma Makoto 東信





Get the look :
60" Heliconia Hanging Spray Red Green
34" Hawaiian Heliconia Spray Red
17" Banana Bunch x15  Burgundy
27" Banana Flower Spray Orange Green  

38" Banana Flower Spray  

Be inspiration !!

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