Friday, September 11, 2015

Traditional yet contemporary

Traditional yet contemporary interiors are naturally inspired.
It is designed to be a sanctuary in which relaxing one’s mind, body, and soul comes naturally.

Get the essentials:
7" Fish Blue
12" Terra Cotta Owl Lead
34" Polyresin Skull Gray Brown

6" Spider Mum in Glass Vase Brick
14" Apple Tree in Cement Pot Red
7"Hx8.5"Wx13"L Protea/ Cymbidium Orchid/Sedum in Ceramic Tray Rose Lavender
44"Hx20"Wx29"L Heliconia/ Anthurium/Foxtail in Glass Vase Red Green
6' Areca Palm Tree in Tall Black Container Green
6' Palm Tree x21 in Plastic Pot Green

4' EVA Pachira Aquatica Tree Green

Be inspiration !!

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