Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Prettify a little glasshouse

                         Love this glasshouse with lots of greeneries , geraniums... and mix of metals.

Get the essential:
7.5" Metal Ball Ornament Antique Green

16" Metallic Butterfly Pick x3
             6.5"Wx9.4"L Metal Hanging Mirror Antique Gold
15" Fern Arrangement in Metal Birdcage Green

36"Hx11.2"Wx11.2"L Metal/Glass Lantern Black Clear
18" Caladium/Ivy in Ledge Basket Green Red
12.2" Preserved Boxwood Ball Topiary in Terra Cotta w/Display Box Green
12.2" Preserved Boxwood Topiary in Terra Cotta w/Display Box Green
                    5' Bay Leaf Topiary w/Braided Trunk in Pot 
47" Water-Resistant Geranium Hanging Bush x14 WHITE

                32" Water-Resistant Geranium Hanging Bush x10

                                         Be inspiration!!

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