Thursday, December 10, 2015

The seasonal heaven

                                                              Gilded in Pearl and gold,
                                                                  it’s seasonal heaven.

Get the essential:

11.75" Rhinestone Reindeer Gold
                  7.75"-12" Reindeer (2 ea/set) Antique Gray

12" Christmas Tree w/Star Copper
13"-20" Pearl Cone Topiary (3 ea/set) Gold Pearl

6' Ball/Leaf/Twig/Berry Garland Gold
30" PINE/Cone/Twig Ball/Leaf Centerpiece w/Candleholder Gold
7.5" Glittered Rhinestone Chandelier Ornament Gold Pearl

                      8" Pearl Teardrop Ornament Gold Pearl
                                  64" Pearl Garland Pearl
8'Hx59"D Blue Spruce Pine(PE) Tree x1819 w/950 Smart Clear Lights on Metal Stand Green

Be inspiration !!

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