Saturday, January 16, 2016

Flowers above and below

Such a chic and very effective way to decorate.


                                     36.6" Gladiolus Spray  

                                       24" Dahlia Spray  

                                 43.5" Delphinium Spray  

                                   43" Bougainvillea Spray 
61" Hanging Amaranthus Spray Green
28.5" California Poppy Spray x3 Orange Gold
24"Hx15"Wx17"L Tulip/Protea/ Anthurium in Glass Vase Red Green
10"Hx8"Wx9"L Ranunculus/Grass in Glass Vase Orange Pink
22"Hx6"Wx8"L Vanda Orchid/ Bird's Nest Fern Leaf in Glass Vase Orchid
 15"Hx10"Wx9"L Anemone/ Hydrangea/Rose/Berry in Glass Vase Purple Blue
15"Hx11"Wx11"L Peony/Rose/ Ranunculus in Glass Vase Pink White

Be inspiration !!

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