Thursday, November 15, 2012

Flora icon ~~ Cucci's Motif

( This scarf is  Spring/Summer '10 collection , white background 35" square silk )
Flora, one of the most loved Gucci icons, was born as a special commission for Princess Grace of Monaco in 1966. The princess had paid a visit to the Gucci store in Milan with Prince Ranier. Having bought a green “bamboo bag” Rodolfo Gucci insisted she selected a gift. When she finally relented to his request she asked for a scarf. Rodolfo was distressed: he felt Gucci lacked one special enough for his distinguished guest. He immediately contacted the renowned illustrator Vittorio Accornero, to design the most beautiful floral scarf he could create. The next day Accornero returned with his painting: it was the “Flora”, a multicolored flowered template that was destined for an unimaginably extended future.

                                            A Timeless Motif

             Tigerlilies,heather,poppies,draganflies and butterflies,adorn this decorative floral print.

                     The original motif was a magnificent piece of artistry and contained over

                                                    36 different colors on the single design.


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5.5"Wx6"L Beaded Dragonfly
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