Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday morning inspiration : Lemon hue

Brighten up your Monday with this pop  eye palette from :

                                                                     ( by Zeit )

The bright lemon yellow can be, no matter how gloomy the weather, popping everywhere : Yellow Rose of deja vu , Rose Yellow Campanella , narcissus Dick Wilden , clove Golden Globe , pink to yellow to yellow Fritillaria

                                                          *****    *****   *****    *****

You can compact faux-floral arrangement in rose,Globe thistle,Imperial crown fritillaria and Narcissus instantly refreshes any space from Silk Flower Depot Collection :
9.5" Rose Bouquet
22" Open Rose Spray
27" Tall Rose Bud Spray
21" Narcissus Bush x14
19" Globe Thistle Spray
34" Imperial Crown Fritillaria Spray

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