Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Citrus Season palette

                                                                          ( From Terrain )
                        Inspired by the citrus season palette of pale pink grapefruits and bright lemons.
                                              Like to share this delicate bunch of florals
                                                                             and likewise
                                                                    Brighten this new year.

                                               Get the look :

 Begonia bush.,
 Mountain Pussy Willow,
 Paperwhite Spray,
Parrot Tulip,
 Peony tulip,
Queen Anne's Lace,
 Quince Blossom Branch,
Wild Stock Flower/Grass,

57" Quince Blossom Branch
 42.5" Mountain Pussy Willow Spray x5
24" Queen Anne's Lace Spray w/Water-Proof Stem
24" Parrot Tulip Spray
 26.5" Stock Flower Spray
21" Paperwhite Spray
25" Peony Tulip Spray
19" Wild Stock Flower/Grass Bush
20" Double Ruffle Ranunculus Spray
28" Poppy Spray x2 w/1 Flw. & 1 Bud
35" Agapanthus Spray
17" Begonia Bush x7 w/33 Lvs.



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