Friday, March 15, 2013

How the Dior perfume are created by.................

Dior sheds light on the successive stages in the production of its flagship J’adore fragrance in a 20-minute film, from the flower harvest to the bottle’s design. The video invites web users to follow the whole fragrance manufacturing process, starting out in the south of France where the bottles of perfume are created by artisan glass-blowers. In an effort to share its secrets with the masses, Dior also added an interview of its parfurmeur François Demachy. You can watch the new Dior J’adore fragrance video below:
( from Pursuitist
Love how the film captured the beauty of the process. Now it makes sense why the perfume is so expensive.
One word, breathtaking.
 It's fascinating to watch how it all comes together.
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