Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas finery

Another week closer,ready to create a captivating Christmas. 
Threw down some lighted greens to brighten the path. Tossed in some pine cones, berry picks and a sparkly garland. Just like the floor of the forest,and some jeweled fruit spread all around.

Cloches are such marvellous things for decorating with.
Very pretty and festive.
Such a pretty little table all dressed in it's Chrtistmas finery!
Get the look :

4" Glittered Ball Ornament
 8" Glass Dome Cake Plate


 Glass Antique Frosted Ball/Kismet 2/A ,150mm

 18.3"Hx10"D Glass Dome w/Stoneware Base Clear Cream

4" Tube Confetti Glass Ball Ornament

4" Glitter Glass Ball Ornament
 7.25"Hx6"D Glass Dome

Crystal fruit/peanut on a rope
                                                       19" Glittered Pine Cone/Berry/Pine Spray

13" Snowy Pine Cone/Silver Dollar Eucalytpus/Pine Pick

6'Lx12"W Fir Pine(pe) Garland x145 w/Cones
Be Merry !!!

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