Monday, December 30, 2013

Hanging lanterns for adorable setting

 Happy Monday !                                     
 It's still in holiday season,and many are on vacation or taking the week off. 
 Here,we like to invite you have a funfair time.
 Please,hanging lanterns make a romantic impact!

The lanterns setting that shine
Shine even brighter during the holiday season.
Check the Silk Flower Depot's lantern collection :
21.4"Hx3.7"Wx3.7"L Metal Lace Lantern Ornament Silver
Iron Hanging Lantern (russet) 7"x25" Russet
                                     Galvanized Hanging Lantern 24" Galvanized
13" Wood Lantern w/4" Glass Candleholder Gray
                            13" Wood/Wire Lantern w/Glass  Antique Sage
 20.5"H-30"H Wood/Tin Lantern (2 ea./set)
Be inspired !!!

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