Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Flowering Pumpkin

Add quick color to a fall decorating staple with chrysanthemums. To make, purchase 40-50 florist's vials (available at crafts supply stores). Cut a band of holes at different heights and about 1 inch apart around the middle of the pumpkin with a small sharp knife. Fill the vials with water and replace the rubber stoppers, then push the vials into the holes so they are just below the surface of the pumpkin. Cut your chrysanthemum flowers so they have 2-inch stems and remove the leaves. Give your pumpkin a floral border by inserting one or two flowers into each vial (the flowers should be big enough to cover the holes). ~~ by BetterHomes

                                                                              ( BetterHomes )

                                                                                Get the look :

9"Hx7"D Weighted Pumpkin 
6"Hx7.5"D Beaded Pumpkin 

21" Gerbera Daisy Spray

4.5" Pine Cone/Berry in Pumpkin
Be inspired !!

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