Friday, September 26, 2014

Flowers everywhere!

Cheers to sunny,colorful days with flowers everywhere !



( MickCooksonPhoto )
Get the look :
23"Hx20"Wx20"L Forsythia/ Anemone/Daisy in Metal Bowl

34"Hx19"Wx19"L Hydrangea/Berry /Lace Bud in Ceramic Container

26"Hx20"Wx30"L Orchid/Rose/ Blossom/Anemone in Ceramic Container Purple Lavender

 27"Hx24"Wx25"L Phalaenopsis Orchid/Cymbidium Orchid/ Oncidium in Terra Cotta Pot Or

35"Hx17"Wx26"L Orchid/Hydrangea in Aluminum Container Violet Green

26"Hx18"Wx20"L Calla Lily/Rose/Peony/Protea in Urn Coral

13"Hx27"Wx27"L Mounded Rose/Hydrangea/Peony/Orchid in Oval Dish Beauty Lavender
Be inspiration !!



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