Thursday, July 9, 2015

Enchanted forest wedding

A ceremony to feel like an enchanted forest: growing wild and enveloping to guests.
It's utterly speechless.

The hall is so majestic and cavernous that , the tables below to feel more intimate like a secret garden, so the guests could wander through the halls of the museum and feel like they just happened upon a bountiful banquet.   

We love the tablescapes because they featured so many different centerpieces that each chair's view was different from its neighbors'.   

FĂȘte brought in trees and blossoms, candelabras overgrown with ivy, figs and berries spilling from silver bowls, and hundreds of candles.

  ( Vogue )

Get the essentials:
45" Preserved Boxwood Garland Green
5' Dogwood Garland White
6' Stephanotis/Gardenia Garland White
                                                           6' Wisteria Garland White

5.5" Jade Plant in Glass Terrarium Green
11" Peony in Glass Vase Pink
11" Lily of The Valley in Glass Terrarium White
21.5" Areca Palm/Pothos Arrangement in Paper Mache Pot Green
34"Hx20"Wx27"L Fern/Fittonia/ Split Philodendron/Cymbidium Orchid in Ceramic Vase Green W
80" Coffee Leaf Branch Green

29" Ivy Cone Topiary in Paper Mache Pot Green

6' Outdoor Ficus Tree w/1820 Lvs. in Plastic Pot (Single Trunk/Rubberized Fabric Lvs.)

Be inspiration !!

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