Monday, July 13, 2015

White House Lunch Features

Four years ago, a longtime food editor hatched an idea she thought might catch the fancy of Michelle Obama, the nation’s nutritionist in chief, who has spent a good deal of her tenure as first lady trying to encourage American children to improve their diets.
"White House Healthy Lunchtime Challenge" caught on and the results reflect a youthful spin on food trends that have engulfed America. ~~ NYtimes

( NYtimes

Get the essentials :

3" Weighted Apple
85mm Lemon Yellow

Apple topiary
26" Pine Cone/Apple/Berry Topiary in Tin Pot Natural Red
12"Hx11"Wx11"L Sunflower in Glass Vase Yellow
19" Sunflower in Glass Vase Yellow
15"Hx16"Wx18"L Sunflower/ Queen Anne's Lace in Glass Vase Yellow
30"Hx17"Wx17"L Sunflower in Glass Vase Yellow

Be inspiration !!

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